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Wine has been part of daily drink and culture in many countries. Even some people cannot have their meal without wine.  Everything that can be consumed if remain limited, it can be beneficial for the health but any excess may lead to different problems. The same is the case with wine. Even wine is said to be one of the healthiest alcoholic beverages and its controlled intake also have health benefits. But still, there is a wide majority of the population, that ignores the risk and consume wine heavily, which may lead to health issues. Not only the consumption, but the wine industry is also one of the major revenue generators and many economies in the world, heavily rely on wine manufacturing. Now after the advent of e-commerce, there are many online platforms, buying wine online in australia have become new trends. Here we will be listing down the pros and cons associated with wine drinking.


Good for heart: This is the general opinion that wine drinking is good for the heart. In some perspective, it true. As the wine is originated from fruits primarily grape, so that can have a good impact on your heart. But again, there is a thin line, a little higher consumption may lead to other health problems.

Mood lifting: The other good thing about wine is its variety. There are virtually unlimited like Syrah, Grenache, White wine etc. The list keeps on going, every wine is for a different occasion and offers a unique taste. For instance, grenache can be said as spicy wine. This shows that wine can be your partner for every occasion and it can help you to feel good.

Improves Memory: The research has shown that regular wine drinker has a better memory. The wine alerted your senses that made your brain work faster. This directly helps to improve memory.


Health Problem: The wine is available everywhere even you can easily buy wine online; this means people always overdo wine. Same as every other thing, the excess of wine leads to chronic health issues. Excessive wine drinking may lead to liver failure. This is the reason, that people are always recommended to consume wine in limited quantity. But due to easy availability and buying it online, wine consumption is on increase.

Disturbing Habits: Excessive wine drinking led to disturbing habits like it can reduce your diet because wine usually has a high-calorie count which will reduce your hunger. Also, alcohol may ruin your sleep, as the alcohol heightens your senses and daily drinking may disturb your sleep cycle. While the tawny wine is used to relax but becoming habitual may also stress you out. In case, you will be not getting your daily quota of your wine will make you irritant and anxious.

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